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Razer vs Logitech Keyboard Comparison

Razer and Logitech are top-tier brands when it comes to computer peripherals. But which brand makes better keyboards? Should you opt for Razer or Logitech keyboard and what makes their products recognizable and unique? 

Logitech keyboard. Image by Brian Bilek on Flickr.

Without a doubt, both Logitech and Razer excel in keyboard manufacturing. However, their keyboards are suited for a specific type of user experience. We’ll dig into recognizing a quality build, feel of the keystroke, typing speed, commonly reported issues, and more. Learn more about these brands, their keyboard manufacturing and some of their top keyboard models. 

Features of Top Keyboards 

Let’s go over some of the features that can tell you if the brand’s keyboard is worth buying or even made for your needs and see whether Razer and Logitech meet the criteria.

Target Keyboard Users

Brands frequently have their target users such as programmers, gamers, or writers. Therefore, such brands adjust the specifications of keyboards for top performance in a particular area.

Getting to know the brand is a good first step to determine if they will have in store just the right keyboard that will last you a lifetime.

Razer’s Target Users 

Razer logo. Image by Travis Rock on Flickr.

Razer USA Ltd. is the company that has been producing and manufacturing awarded Razer branded computer peripherals since 1998. Since their products aim improving one’s in-game experience, the brand is popular with gamers the most.  

What’s more, the brand gained a cult following over time and became synonymous with the gaming lifestyle. 

Logitech Branded Keyboards 

Logitech logo. Image by Sinchen.Lin on Flickr.

Founded in Switzerland in 1981, Logitech is another well-known tech company that specializes in computer peripherals. Even though some peripherals are made with gaming in mind, most of their electronics is made to accommodate all types of users

That is to say, there are cheaper models for general use, but also models targeted at programmers, designers, and gamers. 

Razer vs Logitech Target Users

  • Razer makes their keyboards with gamers in mind
  • Logitech’s keyboards are mostly made for general use

Materials and Manufacturing

It’s possible to recognize inexpensive materials by the keyboard’s plastic cases and backplates. The highest quality keyboards will use metal or steel. Nevertheless, plastic does not necessarily mean that the keyboard is a cheap build, but it will affect the typing feel, making them sound hollow. Besides, the keyboard will be lightweight. 

Furthermore, it’s good to check whether the company makes their keyboards and keyboard components in house. Companies that outsource even the part of their manufacturing to other companies can have quality issues. 

Razer Black Widow Ultimate casing. Photo by Jung-nam Nam on Flickr.

Controlled manufacturing and quality materials will make a keyboard that is long-lasting and nicer to use. 

A number of clicks a keyboard supports can tell you how long your keyboard will last if heavily used. The standard is 5-10 million, but high-end keyboards can have up to 50 million – if not more. 

Razer Keyboard Manufacturing

Razer-branded keyboards are manufactured in Taiwan and China. For example, their popular mechanical keyboard dubbed Black Widow is manufactured by the Taiwanese company iOne. The switches for their keyboards are manufactured by Chinese company Greetech.  

Razer: backlit keys. Image by rexx gon on Flickr.

Outsourcing the manufacturing of the keyboard parts doesn’t mean you don’t get the Razer product. Keyboards are still made based on Razer’s strict directions and blueprints. However, there have been occasional reports of the inconsistent quality of their products – particularly referring to the switches which had been manufactured by different companies in the past. 

Some of Razer keyboards feature quality materials such as aluminum, but many of them use plastic. The use of plastic is the frequent criticism of Razer-branded keyboards. 

Logitech Keyboard Manufacturing    

The main manufacturing facility of Logitech’s products is in China. Approximately half of the Logitech branded peripherals is made there. 

Logitech uses only high quality and durable materials for their keyboards. Depending on the exact keyboard model, materials may be recycled. 

Moreover, the quality of Logitech’s keyboards is reflected in their price – which means if you get some of their more expensive models, they will be worth the price. 

Razer vs Logitech Keyboard Manufacturing

  • Both manufacture keyboards in China
  • Razer’s quality is inconsistent

Typing Feel and Speed 

There are many top-rated keyboards, but which one feels the best is a personal thing. Depending on the switches, you can choose the specific sound of your keyboard as well as the feel of the keystroke. 

If you work with other people or find the loud typing noise distracting, loud clicky or even tactile keyboard switches might not be for you. However, audible feedback and the feel of the keystrokes under your fingers can also make you more productive since you will make fewer mistakes. 

Depending on the model and quality of the keyboard, silent linear switches can also make your typing faster and more accurate. 

Want to know more about keyboard switches and how they affect the tying feel? Read this complete overview of switches to decide on what suits your needs the most. 

Feel of the Razer’s Keystrokes 

Considering Razer adjusted their technology for gaming, their keyboards are fast, programmable, feel tactile, offer audible feedback when pressed, feature backlighting, and more. 

The exact feel will depend on the model and which of the three Razer signature switches you choose. But no matter which model you go for, the keyboard will be suitable for gaming and a bit loud. 

Logitech Typing Feel and Speed 

The exact typing feel will depend on the keyboard model you choose. Namely, Logitech has models for general use and gaming purposes. Both of them will be fast and accurate

Nevertheless, if you go for their mechanical keyboard, it will be more tactile and a bit louder compared to the one intended for general use.   

Razer vs Logitech keystrokes feel:

  • Razer’s keystrokes can be louder
  • Razer’s keyboards are tactile
  • Logitech’s keyboards are sensitive and silent
  • Both are fast for typing and gaming

Reported issues 

Even the top-rated keyboards have occasional issues. Therefore, it’s good to establish whether the malfunction is an exception or the entire series of the specific model has a recurring problem. Some of the issues can be easily solved by googling the problem. However, recurring issues can help you predict whether you’ll have the same problem after buying a specific model. 

What’s more, it is reassuring to check if the brand has helpful and reliable customer service in case of said issues. Also, making sure the keyboard has commercially available replacement parts in case of an expired warranty can save you a lot of money.  

Razer Reported Issues 

Generally, Razer keyboards are durable and enjoyable for typing. However, some issues have been reported when it comes to their keyboards. For instance, plastic casing used for some models highlights scratches, keys can be sticky or at times do not even register.  

Also, many complaints are directed towards the high price of their keyboards. 

Black Widow mechanical keyboard. Image source: Flickr.

Razer’s customer service has not always been responsive, especially when it comes to nitpicky problems with customer’s keyboard. 

There is a pattern of mentioned issues in reviews, but it’s also important to note that this will not be reflective of everyone’s experience with said brand. 

Logitech Reported Problems 

Some recurring problems with Logitech keyboards include issues with the battery, jammed keys, or the keyboard being unresponsive. 

Logitech’ customer service is very helpful, responsive, and in most instances will offer you a replacement for the faulty product – especially in case of buying the keyboard from a retailer such as Amazon.

Razer vs Logitech reported problems:

  • Both brands have commonly reported keyboard issues
  • Logitech’s customer service is more helpful

Variety of Models 

There are plenty of keyboard models, i.e. designs and aesthetics to choose from. Therefore, regardless if you’re going for the gaming setup, minimalist office aesthetic, or beneficial split ergonomic keyboard – you can find something on the market. 

Also, some brands may specialize for a specific type of users such as gamers or programmers, and thus manufacture and produce the best keyboards exclusively for that purpose. Getting to know the brand can be helpful when choosing the keyboard you’ll use at least a decade after you purchase it.  

Logitech keyboard. Source: Wikimedia.

Razer’s Designs for Gamers 

Their backlit keyboards combined with Razer’s signature black and green color combination reflect aesthetic commonly linked to gaming. That is also the reason why Razer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

There are versions without backlighting and you can turn off RGB lights. But performance-wise Razer keyboards are suitable for gamers the most and may not be worth the price if you need it for a regular desk job.   

Razer Chroma. Image by rexx gon on Flickr.

Versatile Design of Logitech Keyboards

In general, Logitech’s keyboard design is simple and minimalist. The designs can feature elegant circular keys that resemble a typing machine or the backlit gaming lineups. Also, the keyboards are black and white, which makes them fit in effortlessly into any office or home spaces.   

Razer vs Logitech keyboard design:

  • Logitech’s designs are minimalist
  • Razer features RGB gaming designs 

Razer vs Logitech Model Comparison  

Let’s take a look at their most popular and highly rated keyboards:

Keyboard ModelMaterial/Number of clicksKeystroke feel/ SpeedReported problemsDesign/ aesthetic
Razer Black Widow Elite    – Metal casing

– Up to 80 million clicks
– Accurate and fast for gaming and typing

– Three switch types available
– Sticky keys

– Keys are unresponsive

– Issues with volume
– Gaming design

– RGB lighting

– Padded
ergonomic wrist rest
Razer Huntsman Elite  – Aluminium

– Up to 100 million clicks
– Fast

– Clicky optical switch

– Linear optical switch
– Issues with the attached wrist pad

– Sticky keys  
– Multiple colors available

– RGB lightning

– Gaming design

– Padded
ergonomic wrist rest
Logitech Craft Advanced  – Metal frame  – Precise, efficient, and fast

– Sensitive keys
– Rapid battery draining due to backlight

– Backlight set to the highest setting
– Black and white minimalist design


– Wireless

-Input dial
Logitech G Pro  – Metal frame  – Tactile feel

– Accurate and fast for gaming
– Double clicking

– Keys are unresponsive
– Black frame

– RGB  
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