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Top 7 Most Durable Keyboards

The sheer number of keyboards available in the market can be confusing for a new buyer. If the durability of the keyboard is on your mind, you have come to the right place. Here is our curated list of the 7 most durable keyboards.

  1. Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE
  2. SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  3. Razer Huntsman Elite
  4. VictSing USB Keyboard
  5. Logitech Desktop MK120
  6. KLIM Chroma Gaming Keyboard
  7. FILCO Majestouch 2 (Cherry MX Brown) Keyboard

Usually, keyboards that come as a part of the package with a desktop computer are not long-lasting. However, it also depends on the quality and usage. But if you want to go for a durable keyboard, an external keyboard bought separately is your best bet. Our list of the most durable keyboards can help you choose the best keyboard for your needs.

Photo by Martin Garrido on Unsplash
Photo by Martin Garrido on Unsplash

Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE

This is a beautiful keyboard with backlit keys. It is a good choice for gaming and heavy usage. It is a mechanical keyboard and uses the original Cherry Viola switches. The high-quality switches last really long and make the keyboard last for years! It also has a sturdy aluminum frame. The only negative perhaps is that it comes with a non-detachable cable. And sometimes, the lighting has a slightly blue shade. If this doesn’t trouble you, it should not be much of a problem.

This is one of the cheapest offerings of the maker and yet provides some great experience especially when it comes to gaming. It surely doesn’t disappoint. If you want one with better looks and some premium touches, you can invest in a higher-end version from the same maker. Overall, it is a solid keyboard that will give you your money’s worth

Special Features

  • Has superb build quality
  • Comes with PBT double-shot keycaps which guarantee durability.
  • Has a rich look and feel to it.
  • Comes with a detachable wrist rest.
  • Great value for money
  • Has great software lighting customization
  • Minimal flex and no key cap rattle.
  • Good quality rubber cable.

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SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Photo by Blake Patterson on Flickr
Photo by Blake Patterson on Flickr

This keyboard comes with a metal (aluminum) chassis, has comfortable custom key switches, and a nifty OLED mini-display. This keyboard is highly recommended for its durable aluminum body. It also comes with programmable RGB backlighting.

The keyboard is a tenkeyless keyboard meaning it comes without the number pad on the side. If this isn’t an issue for you, this would be an ideal keyboard that you could own. The lack of the side digit keypad isn’t exactly a shortfall and you could position your hands better with such a keyboard. On the whole, as mentioned above, it is a comfortable, durable, and attractive keyboard choice.

This keyboard is a great gaming keyboard. The switches react swiftly to keystrokes without much effort. The full RGB backlight is awesome for some darkroom gaming action. The OLED screen grants you the flexibility to change settings without having to pause the game.

Special Features:

  • Tenkeyless keyboard
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Attractive looks
  • Makes for a great gaming keyboard

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Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard

Photo by More on Flickr
Photo by More on Flickr

The Huntsman Elite is slightly on the pricier end but it is worth every penny you are spending.  It is one of the best mechanical keyboards available in the market. It is very comfortable for us, easy on the wrists, offers great performance, and a premium experience – whether you are typing or playing games.

The Razer Huntsman keyboard is highly durable and lasts for a very long time – nearly 100 million clicks! Now, that is one fantastic keyboard to invest in. The only downside is that it is a little pricey and doesn’t have dedicated macro keys. If you aren’t very particular about the dedicated macro keys, this keyboard is one of the very best mechanical keyboards you can find.

Special Features:

  • Amazing durability and lifespan
  • Great opt-mechanical switches
  • Attractive lighting effect
  • The wrist rest is very comfortable
  • Some really superb intuitive media control

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VictSing USB Keyboard

Photo by Damian Cugley on Flickr
Photo by Damian Cugley on Flickr

The makers have ensured that their mechanical keyboards have an extended lifespan by making them robust – the metal chassis is what you must be thankful for, and also the fact that these keyboards are water-resistant. Although classified as a gaming keyboard, these do not come with any LED underneath.

The keyboard doesn’t come with a full RGB spectrum. However, it is not a major drawback considering the price point. The key caps are engraved and come with a bicolor injection which helps avoid wearing out of the keys. In the event that you do not wish to repeat keystrokes, there are 5 programmable keys too. This is ideal for users who require frequent commands.

The keyboard doesn’t require software. This means the device will save set macros using its onboard memory. It also permits its usage on multiple PCs without you having to set up everything.

Special Features:

  • A detachable palm rest to help with the typing process – you can use them when required and stow them away when you don’t
  • Great build quality. 

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Logitech Desktop MK120

Photo by Gwizoffice Equipment on Flickr
Photo by Gwizoffice Equipment on Flickr

This Logitech keyboard effectively works with almost everything – your PC, Android, Mac, or even iOS devices. It just doesn’t work with a Windows phone. You can switch between the devices very smoothly with so much ease.

It comes with a standard layout with all the keys and a number pad. It is very sturdy and lets you set the keyboard at the angle at which you are comfortable to type. All you need to do is plug your keyboard into the system and start using them right away. The keys are easy-to-read and suit those with slightly less perfect vision. The keys are made to resist heavy typing usage and wouldn’t wear off so soon. They’ve been made to endure heavy use and not wear off easily.

Special Features:

  • Ease of use – it is very comfortable
  • A highly durable piece
  • Simple
  • Quiet keys – your hands will enjoy the typing which is effortless and silent
  • Great looks – it is a thin keyboard that is just not sleek, it is also spill-resistant.

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KLIM Chroma Gaming Keyboard

This is an exceptionally sturdy keyboard. It is waterproof and boasts of a pretty long lifespan of 20 million keystrokes. If you are looking for something with the response time of a mechanical gaming keyboard but do not have the budget for it, this one is for you.

This keyboard comes with the wireless format and thanks to its long-lasting battery, it is the ideal device when it comes to work or gaming even when sitting on a sofa! The keyboard is very light and easy to carry and yes it is super-quiet! You can adjust the brightness level of the lights and also change the colors as and when you need to.

Special Features

  • This keyboard offers a 2 millisecond response time, one of the best when it comes to a non-mechanical keyboard.
  • Quiet keys – suitable for both gaming and regular office work.
  • Has an anti-ghosting function to make sure that your fast-typing ability doesn’t convert into incorrect keystrokes.
  • Incredibly sturdy as mentioned above

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FILCO Majestouch 2 (Cherry MX Brown) Keyboard

Photo by Enix Xie on Flickr
Photo by Enix Xie on Flickr

This is a no-frills keyboard for those who are looking to invest in a nice keyboard that gives them what they want – durability, comfort, and ease of use. This keyboard does not come with many of the flashy features that you can see be found on most keyboards – you will not find media buttons, LED lighting, or even macro keys. All this keyboard offers is a very neat and clean look and a sturdy feel.

This keyboard comes with Cherry Blue MX key switches which enhance your typing experience. The steel base is good to ensure the longevity of the keyboard especially for those who indulge in heavy typing. It comes in the tenkeyless design as well which offers a better typing experience, it offers more comfort because there is more space for you to use.

Another very interesting feature is that some models of this keyboard come with “blank keys” – the keycaps are printed on the side! This is an added advantage when it comes to the question of durability.  Your fingers touch the keycaps on the top and thus the printing is protected from wearing out.

Special Features:

  • Steel base
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Comfortable
  • Blank keys (in some models)

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The most durable keyboards are undoubtedly mechanical keyboards. They offer sturdiness as well as a high number of keypresses. Sometimes, being water-resistant also matters and adds to the durability factor. And of course how you maintain your keyboard makes a lot of difference, too. So, it all boils down to individual preferences and requirements.

How long a keyboard can last can be an important factor while deciding which keyboard you want to buy. Read this helpful article which talks about keyboard durability for different types of keyboards.

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