Razer vs Corsair Gaming Mouse Comparison

Razer and Corsair are the two leading brands in the industry of gaming peripherals. Both companies have been producing mice and perfecting them for gaming purposes over two decades. But which mouse will take your gaming to the next level? 

Razer gaming mouse. Image by Zany Jadraque on Unsplash.

Whether you are a hardcore or casual gamer, a computer mouse with all the right features is a must. The article goes over some of the key gaming mouse features that make or break your in-game experience. Also, let’s see how two gaming peripheral giants, Razer and Corsair, compare based on these mice characteristics.   

Corsair gaming mouse. Source: Wikimedia.

Gaming Mouse Features 

Just as it is with other computer peripherals on the market, there is no one ultimate mouse to rule them all. However, you can choose a mouse that is ideal for you based on your gaming style and personal preferences.

These are the key mice characteristics that will bring your A-game while playing: 

Comfortable Gaming Mouse 

For gaming mouse to be comfortable, it has to be the right size for your hand – small, medium, or large. What’s more, the mouse has to be suitable for different grip-styles. Some of them are claw, palm, and fingertip. That will depend on the type of games you usually play. 

If you are like most gamers, your priorities are set on buying the mouse that will increase your KDR rather than an ergonomic model that will decrease the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Nevertheless, gaming can put a lot of strain on your wrist over time and getting ergonomic model can prevent common health concerns. 

Top ergonomic mice are vertical and allow your hand to rest in the relaxed handshake position. They take time to get used to, but they are worth looking into if you are a competitive and avid gamer. Or in case you already noticed discomfort in the wrist area. 

Vertically designed ergonomic mouse example. Source: Wikimedia.

The Comfort of Razer’s Mice  

Razer has a guide that helps you find the ideal mouse model for your grip-style and hand size.

Generally, Razer’s mice design is a snug fit in your hand and their mice are marketed as ergonomic. However, by taking a closer look at their models, it’s visible that none of their mice features a vertical ergonomic design. That is to say, Razer mice do not allow the relaxed handshake position that decreases muscular strain. 

Razer different mice sizes. Source: Wikimedia.

Thus, you can choose the Razer branded mouse that will enhance your in-game performance based on your hand-size and grip-style. Even though it’s comfortable, it will not account for long-term health issues since it does not have ergonomic characteristics considering it requires your palm to manoeuvre the mice horizontally.    

The Comfort of Corsair’s Mice  

Corsair’s mice don’t feature designs that would count as ergonomic either, but some do have a contoured shape. They are geared towards precision the most and you can choose out of three thumb grips. 

There’s Corsair gaming mouse for any type of grip – claw, palm, fingertip, or all of them combined. Therefore, Corsair branded mouse will be comfortable to use as long as you choose the right fit for your grip-type. 

It takes some digging to find the Corsair mouse that is the right size for your hand as that is not specified on the official website, but most of them are heavier models fit for larger and medium hands.

Razer vs Corsair comfort: 

  • Neither Razer nor Corsair’s mice feature an ergonomic design
  • Both are comfortable if you choose the right fit for your grip-type
  • Razer makes it easier to find the right-sized model for your hand

Programmable Buttons for Gaming

Gaming mice usually feature more buttons than mice intended for general use. More buttons do not necessarily equate to a mouse that performs better. However, a few extra ones on the side of the mouse can up your gaming.   

Side buttons, for instance, are important for gaming because they make the peripheral programmable. Therefore, you can set up specific buttons to perform commands and make your game smoother. 

Another thing you can do is to use macros for completing complex tasks with a push of a button – unless you are a competitive gamer or the games you play register them as cheating.   

To make things straightforward, if you can count these 6 buttons on the gaming mouse, you’re good to go: 

  • Left-click
  • Right-click
  • DPI button
  • Middle mouse wheel 
  • 2x programmable side buttons

Razer’s Buttons 

Razer offers a variety of gaming mice models which feature up to 19 programmable buttons – which is a decent amount if you play a lot of MMO games. 

Razer Naga mouse featuring 12 programmable side buttons. Source: Wikimedia.

Other Razer mice models will have at least 7 or 10 programmable buttons. A few of their models also have integrated 12 side programmable buttons, one even adjusted for the left-handed use.  

Corsair’s Buttons

Just as Razer, Corsair’s mice feature at least 7 programmable buttons that enable more efficient play and the use of macros.   

Corsair does not go overboard with the number of side buttons, but there are two models available that feature 12 programmable side buttons. 

Razer vs Corsair buttons: 

  • Razer offers a larger number of programmable buttons
  • Both feature models with 12 side programmable buttons

Gaming Mouse Sensitivity 

Mouse sensitivity is measured by DPI (Dots Per linear Inch) and it can range from 400 to 1600. If you play MOBA games, 400-800 will suffice. However, MMO gamers need at least 1000-1600 DPI.  

You can adjust the sensitivity depending on the type of game you play, i.e. whether you need accuracy or speed. This is where the previously mentioned DPI button comes into play. You can use it to adapt the sensitivity of your mouse, hassle-free and without tinkering with the dashboard settings. 

Ability to rapidly change the DPI to the higher or lower setting can give you an advantage in certain games, especially if they frequently change the pace.   

Are Razer’s Mice Sensitive? 

Razer’s mice can have up to 20, 000 DPI, which makes them highly sensitive and less precise if used at the higher setting.   

Black & red Razer mouse. Image by Higor Hanschen on Unsplash.

Considering most gamers don’t ever use DPI settings that are this high, any Razer mice will do. However, you can adjust the DPI and make the sensitivity suitable for your in-game needs. 

Are Corsair’s Mice Sensitive? 

Corsair’s mice are highly sensitive as well, going up to 18,000 DPI. That makes it higher than necessary, but it can be adjusted in the name of precision or speed. 

Similarly to Razer’s, Corsair’s DPI shouldn’t be the endgame when deciding on the gaming mouse.    

Razer vs Corsair sensitivity: 

  • Razer’s mice have higher DPI than Corsair’s
  • Both brands offer highly sensitive mice 
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted with both Razer and Corsair mice

Weight of the Mouse 

Weight of the mouse can affect the sensitivity of the mouse as well. Namely, the heavier it is, the less sensitive the mouse is. As mentioned, lower sensitivity is crucial for precision and it can be easier to manage since it enables more control. 

It depends on the gamer, but the preferable weight of the gaming mouse is between 90-120g. Both lightweight and heavy mice have their advantages. Ability to adjust the weight of a gaming mouse is always a plus.   

Razer Mouse Weight 

Weight of the Razer’s mice ranges between 80-100g. However, some models weigh less than 80g, making them ideal for fast-paced games. 

A few of Razer’s models have a tunable weight system

Razer’s lightweight mouse. Image by Wing on Flickr.

Corsair Mouse Weight

Corsair’s mice weigh between 80-120g, but a couple of models are even heavier than that. Considering that their mice are heavier in general, they are better for games that require accuracy. 

Models with adjustable weight are also accessible, mostly to accommodate players that need mice heavier than 120g. 

Razer vs Corsair mice weight: 

  • Razer mice are faster and lightweight
  • Corsair’s mice are heavier and more precise 
  • Both feature models with a tunable weight system 

Connectivity Type of the Mouse

When it comes to connectivity, gaming mice can be wired or wireless. Even though it comes down to personal preference, both have their pros and cons. 

A wired mouse is faster and tends to be more responsive. However, you might have to deal with the cable drag. 

Razer branded wired mouse. Image by Stefen Tan on Unsplash.

On the other hand, the wireless mouse can be more convenient on the go and don’t have cable drag. They used to be slower and lag behind the wired mice, but nowadays they can be as responsive as the wired ones. 

As long as they have long-lasting batteries and you don’t mind charging them, they are a good choice for gaming. 

Razer’s Connectivity Types

Most of the Razer’s mice are wireless, but they do have a good amount of wired mice as well. The battery life of wireless mice lasts for up to 70 hours.   

Razer wireless model. Image by Marco Verch on Flickr.

Considering that Razer produces high-end gaming mice any type will be suitable for gaming purposes.

Corsair’s Connectivity Types

Corsair’s mice are for the most part wired, but they do have a couple of wireless models as well. 

Most of their wireless models can be plugged while gaming for the interrupted play and they allow up to 50 hours of battery life.  

Razer vs corsair connectivity type:

  • Razer offers more wireless models 
  • Corsair offers more wired models 

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