Best Scissor Switch Keyboard

Top 5 Scissor Switch Keyboards

If you are not a fan of mechanicals and don’t want to deal with mushy membrane keyboards either, scissor switch units are your best bet. They are quieter than even the quietest mechanical MX-style switches and their low-travel distance feels comfortable without being squishy.

If you are looking for a scissor switch keyboard, these are some of the best picks in the market:

  • Logitech MX Keys – Best Overall Keyboard
  • Corsair K83 – Best Feature-Packed Keyboard
  • Logitech Ergo K860 – Best Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Gigabyte GK-FORCE K7 Stealth – Best Gaming Keyboard
  • HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2 – Best Sleek Keyboard

A high-quality scissor-switch keyboard should be quiet with the switches having a short travel distance and high actuation force. If you type a lot, you will like the tactile feedback upon the registration of a keystroke. Playing fast-paced games and typing quickly on these keyboards feel really nice because of the lack of ghosting.

scissor switch keyboard
Scissor switch keyboards are quiet to type on. (Source: Kremash / PixaBay)

Logitech MX Keys Best Overall Keyboard

Size: Full-size (100%)

Connectivity: Wireless


  • Premium looks
  • Sturdy framework
  • Excellent typing experience
  • Compatible with multi-device pairing
  • Supports all OS types


  • No macro functions
  • Limited media functions on Linux
  • Limited software customization

The sleek, stylish keyboard is great for an office set-up for its sturdy build quality and quiet operation. With a metal frame and high-quality plastic keys, the wireless device provides a decent ergonomic. Due to less than 2-inch of depth, you don’t need a wrist rest but an adjustable incline would be nice.

Multi-device connection requires just the push of a button and you can seamlessly switch between three devices. Battery life is impressive as it lasts up to 5 months (10 days if you keep the backlighting on). Recharging is done via a USB-c cable.

The keyboard seamlessly pairs up with the brand’s MX vertical mouse. You can purchase the combo at less than $200. It also supports Logitech Options software that you can use for adjusting the backlighting and remapping some keys.


Featuring low-profile and indented keys, typing on this keyboard feels comfy and convenient. They are quite stable and don’t create any sound. There is adequate spacing between the keys, which reduces the frequency of hitting the wrong keys without compromising the typing speed.

The keyboard is compatible with a wide variety of devices because it supports all types of operating systems. However, some media keys don’t work on Linux. No macros function is there but a few programmable keys allow assigning some preset features.

Being a scissor switch keyboard, it’s expected that it can’t keep up with the requirements of serious gamers. However, casual gaming won’t be a problem since it does not need any macro keys. Programmers and writers will like it, though, for the impressive typing experience.

Corsair K83 Best Feature-Packed Keyboard

Size: Tenkeyless (80%)

Connectivity: Wireless


  • Plenty of features
  • Excellent key feel
  • White lighting
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Premium design


  • Small trackpad
  • No incline settings

Corsair K83 exudes the same premium feel and look as the Logitech MX Keys. Made of a metal frame and thick plastic switches, it can take whatever abuse you throw at it.

If you love a keyboard with bells and whistles, Corsair K83 is the one. A tenkeyless layout means there’s no Numpad, but the trackpad and mouse won’t let you miss it. Next to the trackpad is a volume roller, joystick, and switches for adjusting the brightness.

The wireless keyboard gets charged via a USB cable and one single charge keeps it alive for 40 hours. Corsair’s iCUE software is supported in both Windows and macOS. You can use it to customize the white backlighting and a few macro keys.


Typing on Corsair K83 feels good although the keys feel a little mushier than other premium scissor switches. A short pre-travel distance and light actuation force save you from feeling fatigued even after typing for long hours. The quiet operation is quite suitable for office settings.

You should use an extra palm rest because the ergonomic is average. Another minus point is the non-adjustable incline setting.

As a scissor switch keyboard, Corsair K83 is decent for both programming and gaming. You won’t feel hand or wrist fatigue even after long coding and gaming sessions.

Logitech Ergo K860 Best Ergonomic Keyboard

Size: Full-size (100%)

Connectivity: Wireless


  • Impressive ergonomics
  • A curved design prevents overreaching
  • Prevents wrist injuries
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Odd key layout
  • Non-detachable wrist rest
  • No backlighting

If you type a lot and are concerned about the postures and health of your hands and back, Logitech K860 is a great choice. With an excellent build quality, this keyboard is a blessing for people suffering from RSI (repetitive strain injury).

The all-plastic board comes with a non-detachable wrist pad to save your wrists and hands from flexing at an uncomfortable angle. Also, the split-design key layout and elevation in the middle eliminate the necessity of overreaching.

Featuring wireless connectivity, the board can establish a seamless connection to any Bluetooth device. It’s more suitable for a permanent work setup due to its large and heavy (2.56 lbs) framework. Also, traveling with it won’t be a good idea as the curved design will take much space in a backpack.


Because of the split-design layout, it might take some time for anyone to get used to Logitech K860. Except for this learning curve, there’s nothing to complain about this board.

With a slightly concave design, the top-grade scissor switches are highly comfortable to type on. There could be typos during the learning period, but you will love typing on this board after getting used to the switch positions and placement.

This keyboard is perfect for office workers or people who type for long hours. The curved design cancels negative typing angle and the wrist pad offers the best resting position.

For serious programming and gaming, you should look for other models. There are only a few programmable keys that you can remap with preset options. So, there is no way to configure your own macros.

Gigabyte GK-FORCE K7 Stealth Best Gaming Keyboard

Size: Full-size (100%)

Connectivity: Wired


  • Stylish looks
  • Low-profile keys
  • Three backlighting colors
  • Two scroll wheels
  • Anti-ghosting function


  • No macro function
  • Lacks media keys
  • No wrist pad

Scissor switch keyboards are not suitable for gaming in general. But you can count on this keyboard from Gigabyte to provide a decent gaming experience.

This board definitely has the looks of a gaming keyboard and 3-color backlighting creates a proper gaming environment. Two scroll wheels allow you to adjust the backlighting and control volume. The backlighting is not for individual keys but you can change the color between green, cyan, and blue. There are no media keys or macro functions either. However, some function keys offer one-click access to several social media sites.

It offers decent ergonomics despite not having a wrist rest. Its extended frame practically works as a wrist pad and two feet underneath elevate the board from a flat position.


The keys are low-profile and require a short pre-travel distance. It feels good to type on this board since the keystroke’s response is not too hard or soft. People who type fast will love this keyboard.

As discussed above, this keyboard is good for gaming. Considering the price point, the anti-ghosting feature is a nice addition. Seven keys — A, S, D, Q, W, left shift, and spacebar — support this function. You can press these buttons simultaneously and all of them will register the strokes.

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2 Best Sleek Keyboard

Size: Full-size (100%)

Connectivity: Wireless


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Great for typing
  • Wireless connection
  • Reasonable price


  • Limited macOS compatibility
  • No macro functions
  • Not good for gaming

If you want an ultra-thin scissor switch keyboard, HP’s Elite v2 is one of the best to choose from. With a thickness of only 0.61 inches, it looks great in any official or personal computer setup.

It’s a wireless keyboard that connects to other devices through a USB dongle. You can use the same dongle to connect to other HP gadgets that run with Link-5 wireless technology.

Despite being a budget keyboard, it is compatible with both Windows and macOS. However, it’s best suited for Windows as a few functions don’t work in macOS. It runs on two AAA batteries (included) that can survive for 6 months to one year. An indicator on the top right corner will keep you updated about the battery life.

The board has a Numpad and dedicated media keys. There are four hotkeys that provide one-click access to several functions.


This is a full-size keyboard that is suitable mostly for typing, not gaming or programming. The scissor switches provide a comfortable typing experience. The keys are quiet, responsive, and provide no noticeable resistance.

You can type quickly and without doing major typos on this board due to enough spacing between the keys. Its pre-travel distance is short but each stroke creates a rebound around halfway down.

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