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Top 10 Computer Keyboard Brands

Mechanical keyboard. Source: Unsplash.

Computer keyboard brands introduce new and exciting models every year. That gives us more choice but also makes it harder to choose the best ones for our click-clacking needs. Let’s go over the best keyboard brands to see why they gained our trust in the first place. 

We’ll take a closer look at these brands:  

  1. Razer
  2. Logitech
  3. Corsair
  4. Cloud Nine
  5. Matias
  6. Filco
  7. Das Keyboard
  8. Microsoft
  9. Leopold 
  10. HHKB

Whether you’re a professional gamer, a writer, a programmer, a student, mechanical keyboard enthusiast, or someone who occasionally sends an email or two, one of these brands will have a product suited for your needs.  

1.     Razer

Razer keyboard (Black Window). Image on Flickr by Jung-nam Nam

Razer is the household name in the gaming industry with headquarters in San Diego, California. The company was founded in 1998 and has been producing everything gaming related since. Nowadays, you can buy Razer branded laptop, gaming mice, keypads, headsets, chairs, and keyboards – among other products that you need for a gaming lifestyle. 

Therefore, it’s no wonder their keyboards are made for efficient gaming as well. Available in a variety of sizes, featuring versatile switches, colours, and designs that include even Star Wars, Razer has something in the store for any serious gamer. 

Their keyboard technology is top-notch for gamers. However, if you’re looking a keyboard for casual typing, other less expensive keyboard brands will do

Visit Razer’s official website to get one of their beautiful, durable, and high-performing keyboards that, if properly taken care of, will last you for years. 

2.     Logitech

Logitech keyboard. Source: Unsplash.

Based in Morges, Switzerland, Logitech is another trusted and well-known brand known for manufacturing high-quality computer peripherals. They have been in the industry since 1981 and made the name for themselves by manufacturing and selling pointing devices. 

Need dome, mechanical, or low profile keyboard? A keyboard for gaming purposes or typing in the office? Logitech has mechanical keyboards for gamers who like to feel and hear every keystroke. What’s more, they also provide comfortable, practical wireless, or ergonomic keyboards for those long hours in the office. 

Want to check the wide array of keyboard technology they have been perfecting over years? Check out Logitech’s official site

3.     Corsair

Corsair keyboard. Photo by Andrew Mantarro on Unsplash.

Founded in California in 1994, Corsair is the brand that established its name in the world of gaming. Besides keyboards, the brand provides any high-quality streaming or gaming gear you might need – including cases, power supplies, and computer memory.  

The brand is known best for their mechanical keyboard dubbed Vengeance. However, they also offer a variety of keyboards that are wireless, standard for gaming, or mechanical featuring different Cherry MX switches.  

Interested in some durable keyboards fit for gaming? Check out Corsair’s official site

4.     Cloud Nine

You probably heard of different novel solutions created to account for health concerns that result from sedentary lives, i.e. all the hours we spend sitting in front of our computers. Some of them include standing desks, split ergonomic keyboards, and more. This is where the brand Cloud Nine comes in. Based in Torrance, California, the brand Cloud Nine specializes in products that make your life comfortable. 

Their popular ergonomic mechanical split-keyboard has a choice of three kinds of switches for a preferable keystroke feel.  

Visit their official website if you need an ergonomic keyboard that will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.  

5.     Matias

Matias folding keyboard. Image by Andy Ihnatko on Flickr.

If you’re into mechanical keyboards, you’re familiar with the brand Matias. Based in Toronto, Ontario and founded in 1989, the brand is best known for their switches. Before Cherry MX switches dominated the market, most keyboards would use Alps switches. When the Alps discontinued the production, Matias created Alps clone switches since there was nothing else to replace them available on the market. 

Read more on various switches and their differences in this guide that compares switches for a mechanical keyboard.   

Therefore, Matias is an ideal brand for you if you seek a specific keystroke feel and sound – especially if you want the tactile feel but not the loud sound of a regular tactile switch. 

They are known for reviving products that were once discontinued by other companies. So if you long for that once discontinued Apple keyboard, Matias got you covered.      

Even if you’re not a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, you can find a well-made keyboard that suits your needs on their official site

6.     Filco

Filco keyboard. Image by Taylor Bennet on Flickr.

Filco is another brand well-known to mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Based in Japan and founded in 1982, Filco became an important name in the IT community due to providing various parts necessary for computer building. 

Mechanical keyboards are a key part of their repertoire and Filco has some of the most durable, long-lasting keyboards available. If you’re looking for a specific aesthetic for your new keyboard, it’s good to know that Filco has a lot to choose from.   

Considering their focus is on mechanical keyboards, it’s not a surprise there are different switches to choose from in their keyboards. Whether you seek loud, quiet, or tactile keystroke feel, they have it.   

Check their keyboard design on Filco’s official website

7.     Das Keyboard

Das Keyboard. Image by Blake Patterson on Flickr.

Story of the Das Keyboard brand started with a completely blank keyboard in 2005. Not seeing the letter on keys increased founder’s typing speed and the innovative keyboard became all the rage. Since the keyboard is mechanical, it also makes it a hassle-free to replace the switches and put back the keys on your mechanical keyboard. 

Das Keyboard is not only great if you want a high-quality mechanical keyboard. It has something in the store for anyone, regardless of the typing feel you aim for or if you want a simple minimalist design or something over the top that makes your keyboard stand out. 

It’s also great for writers, especially if you choose the keyboard that features a less noisy linear switch that still gives you audible feedback – thus resulting in fewer mistakes as you type.  

Check out their mechanical keyboards on their official website

8.     Microsoft

Microsoft keyboard. Image by Owen Blacker on Flickr.

Microsoft is a brand that does not need an introduction. The brand is a widely popular technology giant that provides a wide range of IT-related technology developed within their headquarters Washington, US. 

What makes Microsoft worthy of this list is the accessibility of their products. For instance, many brands that modify their keyboards to make them suitable for a specific niche (e.g. gaming) are amazing for the intended purpose. 

However, not everyone needs a high tech gaming or mechanical keyboard that can handle 5o million keystrokes. Some people need a simple, functional, and affordable technology that will last them and this is the area where Microsoft’s computer keyboards thrive. 

In the same place, you can get top-notch ergonomic keyboards or the spill-resistant keyboard for less than $20. 

Visit Microsoft’s official site if you want to learn more.

9.     Leopold

Leopold keyboard. Source: Flickr.

Leopold is a big brand in mechanical keyboard communities. That is because of their durable and high-quality pre-built keyboards that last. Founded in Korea in 2006, their work is solely dedicated to keyboards. 

Their recognizable design features unique designs and keycap colour schemes. Furthermore, they are available with different coloured switches from the Cherry MX line.

Leopold keyboards are equally suitable for gaming as for typing in the office – although, I wouldn’t recommend loud clicky switches for the office environment. 

Their switches will feel different compared to a regular keyboard, but not make you less productive or slower while you game or type an article.     

Look up Leopold’s official website if you want to get your hand on one of their keyboards. 


Happy Hacking Keyboard. Image by Black Patterson on Flickr.

Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) is a brand based in the UK that provides and makes high-quality mechanical keyboards. Their story goes back to 1990 when they first attempted to create a more convenient and comfortable keyboard for heavy use.  

Nowadays, their keyboards can accommodate both programmers and students. They removed unnecessary keys from the keyboard to make them more functional and ergonomic for developers who spend a lot of time typing.

Their keyboards are, therefore, more compact and wrist-friendly. Besides, they help you type faster – which is always a plus.   

Check out Happy Hacking Keyboard’s official site if you want to dive into the specifications of their available models. 


There is no one size fits all when it comes to computer keyboard brands. There are many brands on the market, but their products are frequently tailored for different user needs and experiences. 

Some people choose their keyboards based on design or colour, while others look for a specific keystroke and sound. Furthermore, the keyboard you choose would most likely be determined by your profession – meaning you need to look up brands that make keyboards specifically for hardcore gamers or offices. 

A typical keyboard can handle over 15 years of heavy use before you need to find a replacement. Therefore, once you choose your keyboard, you’re going to use it for a long time. Start with this list of keyboard brands and explore the versatile world of computer peripherals available on the market.  

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