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Top Sites to Buy Parts for Mechanical Keyboard

Different tastes and preferences drive many people to build their own keyboards. Wondering where to buy parts for mechanical keyboards? We have curated a list of the top 14 sites for you!

  1. Mechanical Keyboards (MK)
  2. Aliexpress
  3. Keyboardio
  4. Unicomp
  5. Kinesis
  6. Esports Gear
  7. Das Keyboard
  8. Filco
  9. Razer
  10. WASD Keyboards
  11. PC Gaming Race
  12. Banggood
  13. Falba Tech
  14. Drop

Mechanical Keyboards are keyboards that have mechanical moving parts under the keys. They are widely popular among keyboard enthusiasts all over the world. They are expensive compared to membrane keyboards or chiclet keyboards. However, they provide great comfort while typing. If you want a completely customized keyboard, check out the below sites for buying the parts.

Photo by Gareth on Flickr
Photo by Gareth on Flickr

Mechanical Keyboards (MK)

Photo by Compact Keyboards on Flickr
Photo by Compact Keyboards on Flickr

The website is one of the best sites out there for everything on mechanical keyboards. They have brands such as Cherry, Corsair, Leopold, Ducky, and many others. They have a huge variety of mechanical keyboards. Also, they have a pretty exhaustive collection of keycaps, switches, frames, keycap pullers, and switch testers.

The site has a dedicated section for mechanical keyboard creators. In this section, different keyboard enthusiasts showcase their creations. And I must say, there are some very cool designs. They have a lot of content on mechanical keyboards. And a nice community to interact with fellow keyboard enthusiasts, too!

  • Parts sold: Keycaps, Cables, Switches, Wrist Rests, O-Rings, Switch Testers, Keycap and Switch pullers, Cases, Frames, Stabilizers, etc.
  • Order type: Can be ordered immediately. Ready to ship products.
  • Website:


Photo by Gareth on Flickr
Photo by Gareth on Flickr

Aliexpress is the hub for buying electronic parts and accessories at cheap prices. When it comes to mechanical keyboard parts, the site does not disappoint. If you are wondering where to buy keyboard PCBs, switches, and pretty much everything else, you can try the wide variety that this site offers. From cables to keycaps to the basic PCB, you can find plenty of options to build your customized keyboard.

Aliexpress also has test kits for switches. They stock O rings to reduce the clicking sound of the keys, too. Their keycap collection has keycaps of a wide variety of colors apart from the regular colors. From pastel shades to chocolate brown to even some bright colorful keycaps, you can find it all here.

  • Parts sold: Switches, Keycaps, Cases, Frames, Stabilizers, Cables, PCBs
  • Order type: Can be ordered immediately. Ready to ship products.
  • Website:


An assembled Keyboardio. Photo by Eric Sorenson on Flickr.
An assembled Keyboardio. Photo by Eric Sorenson on Flickr.

Keyboardio stocks some amazing stuff. In fact, it’s so amazing, a lot of their stuff gets sold like hotcakes. They make great keyboards. According to the founders, the whole idea behind Keyboardio was to bring beautiful keyboards to people. If you are wondering where to buy keyboard switches, Keyboardio is where you should head to!

The thing I really liked about this site is its detailed product information. Each switch comes with detailed information that even tells how the feel of the switch is. Each description also includes a downloadable datasheet. It has all the details on the specifications of the switches including a Force-Travel diagram. It is a measure of tactile feedback from the switch. The diagram indicates how much force is required for the keystroke to register and how far the key travels.


Unicomp has a limited but good quality collection of keycaps. They have both printed and unprinted keycaps. This is a place where you can hope to buy good cables for mechanical keyboards. The mini-DIN adapter as well as the PS/2 cables are available on this site.

Unicomp is based out of Kentucky. Their focus is on quality products at an affordable price. Their customer service is also top-notch. They also sell completed mechanical keyboards and offer some level of customization, too.


Kinesis has been developing its keyboard technology since 1991. Comfort is their middle name. If you want to build an ergonomic keyboard, Kinesis has everything you need. They have some good options in cases. They have a solid variety of classic keycaps. From QWERTY or Dvorak keycaps to a blank set, you will find everything you want. Apart from keycaps, they also sell palm pads to go with your ergonomic keyboard.

Kinesis itself has innovative designs in ergonomic keyboards. They also provide complete customization. So if you want to choose your own parts and want the entire keyboard built according to your preference, Kinesis does that for you.

Esports Gear

A Ducky Keyboard. Photo by Eric on Flickr.
A Ducky Keyboard. Photo by Eric on Flickr.

This is a website that caters to PC gaming enthusiasts. They sell a good variety of keycaps. They are a relatively small retailer. However, they have very good customer support. They also have a ready stock of keycaps to be shipped immediately. They have very detailed product descriptions to help you choose better.

Das Keyboard

Photo by Gadgetmac // Nest Photo on Flickr
Photo by Gadgetmac // Nest Photo on Flickr

If you want to add a special unique touch to your mechanical keyboard, this website is a must-visit! It has a limited edition handcrafted unique keycap that can give an uber cool touch to your regular keycap set.

But the bling is not all. The site also has a good collection of high-quality regular keycaps. They also have the nifty little keycap puller. With this tool, you can easily pull out keycaps for cleaning or replacement.


Photo by 349667 (ta497636) on Flickr
Photo by 349667 (ta497636) on Flickr

Filco is a Japanese website that has been dealing with computer peripherals since 1982. As with many Japanese companies, Filco is known for the quality that they provide. They have entire keycap sets with beautiful dual colors as well as single colors. From light shades such as pale yellow and mint to bright purples and greens, there are a lot of choices. Most of their keycap sets are double-shot.


Razer backlit keycaps. Photo by thang nguyen on Flickr.
Razer backlit keycaps. Photo by thang nguyen on Flickr.

Razer has superior quality keycaps. They are made from PBT plastic. Double-shot molding and thin legends make them look classy and elegant. If you want to know where to buy a metallic keycap set, Razer has them. High-density metal is used that offers good tactility. They also have a memory foam wrist rest. It provides the ultimate comfort while working for a long duration.

WASD Keyboards

Photo by Compact Keyboards on Flickr.
Photo by Compact Keyboards on Flickr.

WASD Keyboards is a place for all your needs to build your own mechanical keyboard. Plenty of websites stock good quality keycaps in various colors. And WASD is no different. But if you are looking for a website where you can buy other accessories such as lubricants, switch dampeners, and good quality aluminum cases, you should visit this website.

Also, if you are wondering where to buy keycap stabilizers to make your keyboard really sturdy, you should check out the collection on this site. They also have stabilizer clips, stabilizer springs, and cables. The site stocks a wide range of mechanical switches, too. They have both plate-mounted and PCB-mounted switches.

  • Parts sold: Keycaps, Keycap singles, Switch tester, Cables, Wrist rests
  • Order type: Customized orders, 2-5 days for shipping.
  • Website:

PC Gaming Race

If you are looking to build a gaming mechanical keyboard, this website is very helpful. They have switches, keycaps, switch dampeners, and lubricants. Keycaps made from PBT as well as ABS plastic are available.

Wondering where to buy good wrist rests? PC Gaming Race has a collection of wrist rests in various sizes. They even have wrist wrests crafted from wood. They claim it provides great ergonomic support. With good quality at great prices, this website is good for buying parts. They also have very detailed product descriptions. This makes it easy to order the parts online.


This is your go-to site when you are looking for a site where you can buy keyboard frames, PCBs, and other basic parts. They even have other helpful additions such as wooden wrist rests and PCB holder clamps. The prices are reasonable and the variety is decent. Their products also have customer reviews to help you choose better.

Falba Tech

Falba Tech is one of the most comprehensive sites that stock mechanical keyboard parts. The navigation on this website is super convenient. The categories are well structured and detailed. You can narrow down your search to exactly what you want. And they have a great variety in all categories. For example, if you want to buy cases, you can choose from plastic, bamboo, and acrylic.

They also have PCBs, connectors, switches, and even partly assembled keyboards. The partially assembled boards are great if you only want certain aspects such as the switches and keycaps to be customized. This way, you save time and effort on putting together a keyboard from scratch, yet get the customization you want.


Drop has some great options in keycaps and switches. The products have customer reviews on them, too. If you want to add a unique touch by having an eye-catching keycap that stands out in your keycap set, you can check out their special keycaps. They also have one shaped like a dinosaur head! They have wooden keycaps, too. Their lineup of key switches is pretty impressive and has a good variety.


A keyboard today is viewed not just as an important input device, but as an extension of your personality. Thus, there is a trend towards preferring customized keyboards that deliver the comfort you need and look amazing. It is a welcome trend in today’s DIY culture. There are several options available to buy a mechanical keyboard. But building your own keyboard can be very rewarding!

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